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VFX Portal is a Facebook/Twitter like platform dedicated to VFX World with different features :

- a wall system where every Users (just need to Register) can publish a Status, Blog post, Quote or Link. Page will refresh automatically.
- a Private Message Board to contact each other in private.
- a Chat system at the bottom of the page, limited to 10 users for now.
- a Message Board to let people publish some job opportunities, announcement or reels.

You can use the wall to share anything you want, link, news, tips, your mood, or ask for question when you need some help, or if you are struggling with something. The idea is to offer a very flexible, easy, and automatic platform where people can access information very quickly.

We also have a blog roll presenting the latest news from the most important VFX website.

Also in development :

- a Toolbox, with a lot of very usefull links
- a global VFX Wiki, if people are interested in helping to this big feature
- an image bank

It’s here : http://portal.makingfx.net
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The world of Daniel French

Today, we’re going to discover a very talented artist who choose to work on miniatures. I discovered his work on twitter, and I decided to share it with you. He just finished to work on an really nice miniatures, and he took some time to answer few questions.

First a time laps about the build of the miniature:

Hi, can you describe briefly how you started to work with miniatures and why ?

Through the years, I’ve been lucky enough to work with both set design and CGI. At the same time I’ve always been fascinated by miniature work. Late last year I wrote and directed a short film and we decided to try out some miniature effects. Together with Production Designer Silas Puls we created a miniature set extension. The film is currently in post production and will be online in a couple of months. Recently a new project came up, and we made this test to show the producers.

More >

Wednesday – Tips & Tricks day !

It’s wednesday, the day we publish some tips and tricks.

If you have some stuff you’d like to share with the community, feel free to contact me at ludovic.iochem[at]gmail.com to give me your tips. It will be published here the next wednesday.

Let’s start right now.

1- photoshop : if you want to paint some atmospheric effects, try a layer in Linear Dodge mode and paint on it with a very small opacity and a bright color.

2- photoshop : to paint some light effects like fire, spots, etc… put a layer in Color Dodge mode, fill it with black, and paint with a color and small opacity.

3- photoshop : the most important things when you want to merge few different sources in the same image are Perspective, Light Direction, and Blur/Grain. Try to focus on that !

4- Nuke : don’t play to much with the near and far clip plane of your Camera, or you’ll have some aberrations and issues. Very small Near Clip like 0.1 may cause issues on distant objects.

5- Nuke (old but it was in French last time) : to move your camera in Nuke while you’re looking inside it, CTRL+click on the camera Logo in 3D Mode. It turns green. Then move inside the window, it will move the Camera.

That’s all for today.


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